Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Post Pros of BGs / Notice

I believe I can finally say that the bgs for the train corridors and Yu's room are officially COMPLETE.  Feel free to post up feedback but I highly doubt I shall go back to tweak minor changes unless they're horribly obvious.

Minor change for the 2nd pic but once the player has talked to everyone on the train on day2, they'd need to click on the magazine on the shelf to trigger the magazine cutscene.  I tried to make the room 'colder' but I think I've failed and just made it look 'refreshing' compared to the other bgs.  Oh well. It's certainly not 'warmer' compared to the corridor scenes but 'creepy'...not sure.  May take back my word and only tweak Yu's room tomorrow when I figure out how to make this creepier.

Hmm okay this is the first time I'm seeing all these bgs together and I've definitely over done it with the red hues on carriage 4 LOL. Silent Hill 3 overdose anyone? Actually maybe it's a good thing that it's slightly OTT, it makes a contrast to the subtle-ness

If everyone approves minus the minor tweaks, I'd say these are done and ready to be inserted into the engine.

Mike: Could you just extend your CU glass of water to fit the dimensions of 1280x720, 72pp?
Rumzi: How's it going with the items and the bar?
ML: What's the status of the bar? And will you be able to get a replacement tablet pen to help Michelle colour some bgs? (I feel rly bad lol >__>).

I know I've got Rumzi & ML working on the bar but this is just to see what you guys can come up with lol.
Michelle: Since I'm in the process of re-writing most of the bits on day2, how do you feel about doing some of the assets for the magazine cutscene?  I'll draw up thumbnails and talk you step by step on what I'd like you to do if that's okay?  I'm thinking about using the art styles used in the cutscenes of fragile dreams combined with the use of silhouette type art. No humans involved, just inanimate objects with suggestive creepy concepts with mostly black bgs. Rope Emma/Kelly into this if you feel overloaded lol.  I'm also thinking 4-5 different illustrations but I'll try and keep it down to just 4.
Chris/Tim: if you guys are still up to date you will need to help me try and write the cutscenes lol.  Will get onto that asap and send it to you.
Errol: Do you have any ideas for the bartender's uniform? Or anything that looks cool and snazzy to fit the bar? XD
Jade: You gotta do loads of stuff man, cos you've been slackin'!
- SPRITES (bartender, Kemi, Kenny, Riko, old man, rage guy)

Aw crap I just realised I forgot to add the ambient glows to the light beams of the corridors.  Haha oh well, guess I'll leave it. >_<



  1. woo so complex :D
    well i may have some but let me get back to you on that

  2. ah okay, so am i doing some unofficial magazine editor stuff?? :D:D:D im okay with doing that, just not 100% sure what that is, do you have a visual example? sorry jade XD

    dontttt streeeeessss!!
    i dont think emma will be able to help as she's working on a music video project atm and im not sure if kelly would help me :/ but ill try to do it ^^

  3. Great to hear guys!

    Errol: Looking forward to what you can come up with - TWEWY pic you sent was awesome but I'm wondering whether it's worth doing some proper uniform designs if you wanna help me design it? THANK YOU!

    Michelle: Brilliant! I'll give you a post soon about some image samples for you! The mag stuff I'd like you to work on a mag cover and poss. a 'snapshot' of the first part of the article. Don't worry, nothing too big lol. Will post thumbnails soon once I've gone through the script. THANK YOU TOO!

  4. Yeah ill see what i can do for you there ;)

  5. oohh thanks jade :D
    that sounds fineeee~ ^^


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