Monday, 10 October 2011

Random Theme

Random theme that turns out that it can suit the bar theme or Kemi's theme.  Or we can scrap the bar having music and have this when Yu starts talking to Kemi/Barman and no where else.

As Rumzi's pointed out, this would suit conversations and Errol said that this would suit Yu's monologues.  I'm working on doing some filler ambiances for the bar now but I really can't tell unless I can see it in context with the game so I'll just make some random ones.

Tunes that I'll work on now are Kenny's and 'dark' ambiance ones.  Can't say for sure as I need to worry about animating the cutscenes and my 5000+ write up XD



  1. ohhhhh i like this :O
    it reminds me a little bit of the music from final fantasy 8... in a really good way :D

    it kinda feels like this should take place either on the monologue, like you said, or just after something big has happened and hes planning his next move..

    great work again!

  2. Yes it's quite a calm neutral theme which is as bland as a door knob lol. Guess I'll wait til Mike puts it into the engine so that I can see how it goes. Really hard to see how to go abouts with the audio w/o it in context haha.



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