Saturday, 15 October 2011

10 hours later!


 The offical placeholder image that I've used for the defib puzzle.
Oh hi all. So yeh, I started working about 10 hours ago and here is the fruits of my labour. Long story short - I've just done the defib puzzle (with dirt simple graphics) which was really the last hurdle to overcome. There's about 5 pages left to do but other then the items it doesn't look like anything that bad (coding wise bad) is going to happen. Anyway, enougth said, here's the update. Just a note of warning this uses dirt simple graphics when I didn't have anything to use. White boxes in general mean it's a clickable area (except the two just above the inventory box in the bar area, they will be used later) and long white boxes that appear during conversations are placeholders for the options. You have to talk to everyone in the bar area on the second day (oh god that feels so long ago now) in order to progress the game and be able to examine the magazine rack in Yu's room. Also the performance has greatly increased (after the post I made last night I figured out how you're supposed to do it) as has the file size. Oh yeh and the new cut scene is in the game as well. I gotta say on a side note that I love it, the music and artwork are great. Was very creepy especially when a ghostly image of the cut scene would start fading into other scenes after the cut scene was supposed to of finished which freaked me out (sadly I've removed that glitch).  Good job Jade and Michelle!    Oh yeh and to leave the drawing puzzle press the white square. Can't think of anything else, I'm a bit all over the place right now. Right, time to relax!


  1. Omg we posted at like the same time LOL.

    Anyway, amazing job Mike, I will check out your stuff now. I've actually asked Rumzi to help out doing the graphics for the defib puzzle so give him a poke to provide you with the images for this. I'll get onto the audio and stuff for this.

    Sorry to kill you in the process but it all works out well now! Will comment back in a few XD

  2. I'll c/p what I've written on dA: I'm sorry I can't really test it out 100% without the bar bg because I think it's a bit too much. Stick with what you've done so far and tweak the rest so that it's playable for beta testing at least?

    - FONT XD
    - Wrong theme when you talk to Kemi but the fade in/out works great
    - Kemi lingers a bit too long in Day2's phone call, I'm assuming you'd know to add her theme in here lol.
    - I don't know how but I managed to exit out of Kenny's drawing so I can't actually test it.
    - Rage guy has bartender name
    - Mag CS cuts out way too early, the crash sfx doesn't even come in.

    lmao at the defib puzzle XD. Okay a lot of tweaking will be needed for it particularly whether you fail or not so we'll need to do some game over CS or something. I'll get to that soon.
    I've done the bg for the bar scene with added sprites so I'll drop box them to you soon.

    shall we do the bg animations or not btw? Do you think it'll be too much on your plate if we do?


  3. ten hours well spent i think!!
    i failed the defib puzzle waaahhhh XD
    so so impressed man


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