Thursday, 6 October 2011

Yet again, another engine update


Man the file size is getting bigger, again it might be best to download this rather then view it in your browser. I think the increase in size is due to the added visuals and characters. Don't have much time so just gonna be quick about this.

Updates in this version

  • All items have been added to the engine (although not all visible yet, and there's a bug concerning several of the items which I shall try to figure out a way around)
  • The proper Yu sprites added. Also I decided to change most of the code for how characters are displayed which make things a lot easier in both the short run and the long run so it's better overall. 
  • Inventory screen added and buttons (though most don't work) added as well as all the visuals and close ups. Again all items present but not all visible. No bugs here so far. Also I corrected the change state code so you actually return to the state you were previously on this time.
  • Numerous changes to the cut scene such as all sounds added, some sounds volume edited and such and some animations corrected. 
  • Names now appear above dialog boxes. The code is very long winded though but I believe I can make it a lot easier, but I shall work on that later.
  • Probably a million minor edits that are far too exciting to mention


    damn kids with your damn technological skills.

    this is really really good..

  2. You kids and your gears of war and your ps3s and your mobile phones and you internet browsing and you left 4 dead and your wirless mouses and your multiplex cinemas and you childrens card games and your dyson fans and your flat screen tvs and your online shopping and your revolving doors and your mp3s and your ipod touch and your electronic email and your wacom tablets and your indie bands and your podcasts and your japanese anime and your visula novels and your adobe actionscript and your starbucks coffee and your laptop computers and you radeon graphics cards and your central heating and your

  3. lmaoooo

    I'm very impressed and very excited to see this all come together!! Once I finish doing Kemi's sprite, I'll start working on the audio. I'll also try to do the other menu functions such as the help and option screens but that'll come later.

    Are we still able to do a global volume control and mute button?

    I've thought up another job for Rumzi too, he can design the icons for the volume slider/control, mute button and the use/eye buttons on the inventory.

    The fonts used in the menu when you exam the items are way too small but I'm assuming that'll be tweaked over time.

    Overall...NICE OUT.

  4. That reminds me, Mike, are we able to add the flick animation to the bgs in the actual game (not the cutscene)? This is why there are multiple copies of the bgs in dropbox.

  5. Most likely. I'll get the more importent stuff done first then I'll work on that.

  6. Thanks MIke! Glad to see you back online too.


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