Monday, 10 October 2011

Help with research

I have a big write up that needs doing and I'll need help with the research.  Is there any interesting work out there that relates to any aspect of Hungry Whispers by any chance?  It can be anything: industry, specific works, marketing, game production (focus on audio/sound design for horror games), visual novels ... anything.

I'd like to ask you guys too as I may have missed something utterly big since I last checked but so far I don't think there's anything 'revolutionary' that uses aspects of Hungry Whispers lol.

Anyway...thought I'd ask.  Anything to help with my 5000words+ essay T____T.


  1. hmmmm...
    if i were you id go back to the beginning of this blog to when we were all posting research, creepypasta and game ideas to refresh your mind as im sure we unconsciously used things from there!

  2. Yep I've got the all of the posts labeled under "inspiration" and "marketing" but that's about it .... I'm worried it's not enough 'research' D:

    Write ups are the worst D<!!

  3. Having a think about it and I will add more if I can think of any more. Problem is I doubt I can think of anything that I'm pretty sure you are already aware of but I'' put some things here just in case.

    A lot of visulas novels are actually sound novels ( something to do with copyright issues but the focus is often sound rather then visulas. An interesting game that they mention is ( is almost entirley sound. Hmm I feel compelled to mention this ( just as you mention marketing and this could relate in someones to the way we've marketed the game, but I think I'm stretching it with that one.

    I imagine you could use a lot of the same research for your prior game, and as it 5000 words I reckon you will have enougth surley? You could even use TKON as part of your research.

  4. What exactly is the write up about? I remember for my final year project, we had to come up with a question that we would then use our project as a way of finding an answer.

  5. Cheers guys! My write up so far consists of:

    Abstract/Intro: [Aims, why]
    - Combination of personal interests
    - Focus on the interplay of the audio-visual in an interactive environment.
    - Computer game being the chosen format, graphic adventure horror game being the chosen game genre.
    - Project is an extension on previous game project of last year’s dissertation
    - Why: interactive entertainment is expanding due to technological advances (games industry is expanding, internet is being more readily available, smart phones are getting smarter as with gaming consoles).
    - Game project is based on a multitude of different create mediums and theories. Audio-visual/film theory, interactivity, marketing, and collaborative skills with other people.

    Main points:
    - What the game is about
    - Audio-visual & Game theory and how it relates to the production of the game and why parts of the game was created in such a way.
    - Inspiration and influences
    - Production stages and roles
    - Problems

    - What was learnt
    - Reinforced problems and how the project worked around it
    - What could be improved
    - Future potential

    The research is mainly for the contextual review (what other similar works are out there) which is what my tutor said that I've left out from the plan. I'm aiming to write it with the inspirations/influences bit.

  6. Also, the use of a question is a good way to get things started, I may use that approach. Cheers!

  7. Have you also mentioned Trauma Centre?

  8. sounds good to me :D
    im not really sure what you can add jade... when in doubt, just expand?

  9. Ah yes I remember about trauma centre! Will definitely add I guess?

    I'm not sure what to add either, but I know I got majorly marked down for my last essay due to lack of research :(. I'm like "HOW?!" I researched my little heart out lol T_T

  10. I think when they say research, maybe what they want are references to books or academical essays/studies?

  11. I've actually updated my dA journal about this

    Might make it a bit clearer in what I need help in researching. I'm checking out Mike's stuff now.

    Thanks again guys!


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