Saturday, 8 October 2011

ML update | Lantern Inspirations *Edit*

Awesome image from dA btw...very HW ish, minus the creep factor!

Got a call from ML earlier today, he's been really ill for the past week so he should be able to do the train bar later tomorrow.  Again, really sorry for the lack of update, I should've probably contacted him to find out what was happening.

My asset output has slowed for the time being so that I can compile my notes for my write up of the audio.  I'm getting that done as soon as I can so that I can get back into putting this whole project together.

Sorry to keep pushing everyone again but we only have...
til the deadline in which we have to get everything done so that stuff can be tweaked and tested.  This will give me roughly three days to prepare my writeup properly as well put everything together in preparation for it's submission for my class.

Man I really like that picture... *checks deviant account*. WOW. Go check out this guy's photography, it's all based in Japan! *watches*

More stuff:

I think this is my fave and most relating to HW too. DAMNIT. THIS IS AMAZING.


  1. Really nice photos, my favourite is the bottom one.

  2. Indeed, that's my fave too <3

  3. Very beautful
    i love the snow bridge ones and the Cherry Blossom ones (pink) very Beautful

  4. the colouring in these is beautiful!! and i am going to steal ideas from it for the random concept art you started which i will finish today if i can >D

  5. YES.

    So glad I found these images then, esp the last pic. It's nice and warming but with a few colour tweaks it can be really creepy too. I can't wait to see what you can do with my original piece XD


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