Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Update for today

Edited day2 script up to the crash point.  Should be completed by tomorrow.

I've done the post production to Mike's CU of the cup and removed Michelle's work from the 'NEEDS POST PROD' folder (don't worry, they're saved onto my desktop) as we're running out of space on Dropbox lol.

Homework for everyone if you haven't already done so is to watch the movies in the movies folder, particularly 'The Maid' and 'Shutter' to get a good idea about Asian horror and the atmosphere of the visuals.  Hmm what else have I done today?  I ate sushi, did some script writing in a new cafe place I discovered here in Bath and bought some Tubigrip for my RSI and a new coffee pot.  I use it for tea though haaha.  Tomorrow I shall get more chocolate coated coffee beans cos they're ace.

I will write a  proper Audio cue sheet once I've written out my essay plan for my tutor so that'll take some time.  Mike, keep me updated in what assets you need - for the time being I'll put drawing the character sprites on hold as I get other stuff done and Rumzi finishes designing Kemi's phone and Errol goes hunting down some bartender uniforms.

Michelle: Kelly is up for doing the front cover of the magazine so not sure if you're cool with doing the illustrations for the magazine?  Might be worth talking through it with her or something haha.

Readers: Be on the lookout for the next few days as the script will be revised and ready for you to check.

Also some bartender uniforms:

Cheers to Errol for reminding me about this character from TWEWY XD

And some more uniforms:

Hope everyone is well, keep up the pace guys.  Very impressed to have a good update from Mike and Rumzi today especially when I was semi avoiding doing work earlier this afternoon. Your motivation has motivated me back to work again. Thank you guys.

Now, bed as I can't tell whether I'm suffering from some sort of cold or whether it' allergies D:.  DAMN WEATHER.


  1. Yeah should have something up soon on that Jade ^^

  2. 2 weeks 0_0 start the countdown music. I will look over the script once again when you have edited and see if anything stands out and if it does I will re-edit. For now day one.

  3. Aww, get better soon Jade, glad you liked our posts. Probably from the next few days on I'll just starting adding assets as they're done. The only thing left to program is the defib puzzle which I know how I'm going to do so I'll just start putting everything in. Anything that I need that is missing I'll just replace with some dummy graphics till I get the real thing.

  4. Errol: Good!
    Tim: Awesome, expect script for day2 sometime later this eve
    Mike: Sounds like a plan. i've added a few comments to your dA testy but I think the major one would be having the names of the characters talking for their dialogue boxes.

    Do you want me to drop box the interface psd?

  5. A-HA! Knew you'd mention that - the character names will be in the next update. And yes the fade is certainly possible to do between each scene, it's only present in that one scene as I wanted to see how it looked and see what peoples reaction was to it. I shall add it to all the other scenes shortly.

  6. Awesome, can't wait to see it. I'll do the audio stuff shortly too. Are you able to work out the audio queues from the fla file for blog1.1 or do you still want me to write out a proper one?

  7. I believe I've figured it out, I've watched through them quite a few times now. See what you think on tomorrows update.

  8. im going to watch shutter with my sis tomorrow ^^
    ohh okay kellys doing the cover, it should be epic then :D is she a member of this blog now? :o


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