Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Landmark Design - Ship Connection

OK this is the Ship design that connects the Bridge were

the Landmark is located.

The ship is part of the story of the Villagers that when on the quest to find a

new land for their People, so i thought i make the ship saying that

the emperor's gave 4 river boats to them.

The Bridge Connection ships light up from the inside when anyone walks onto the ship,

to show some one is there and the spirits are with them (takes the idea).

The ships Design is a mix of Chinese/Japanese river boat style

i think it came out very well :D i hope it works for this Landmark and its story.


  1. Wow I really like this idea - I'd never associate temples/shrines with ships so this is a pretty sweet and unique idea! You should definitely develop this concept! I expect some concept art from you man :P

  2. Awww thank you Jade
    well i thought it would go good with the story of the castle and the City and this came out ^^
    and yeah there will be more Concept art.

  3. heyyyy this is nice errol! you're so good at environment design, i wish i had your talent! is this all from your head or did you use online reference?

  4. Thank Michelle
    well i did use online Reference yeah but it a bit of two worlds there.
    lol thanks but i think i need more practice on environment design


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