Monday, 10 October 2011

Kemi's Phone Painted >:(

My painting skills pale in comparison to you guys:

Also, I am not sure about the colours...


  1. omg that girl looks a bit like kemi :O:O:O

    and jade what the heck i think it is made of WIN!!!
    yellow totally suits her and the blue and green compliment it nicely, KEEP IT!!!!! *two thumbs up*

  2. Looks awesome Rumzi!!! Thank you! I don't' know why you were worrying about it ... lol.

    I'm afraid I'm not sure if we're going to have this in the demo BUT it's good to have a colour ref ;D.

    Also, LOL @ the pic.

  3. I'm trying to think up of a scene to have this in but I'm not coming up with anything so far D:

    I'm thinking about maybe having a flash something for the ending teaser trailer but I don't know! Maybe some random concept art involving it? XD

    I also agree with Michelle, blue and green goes nice with the yellow! \o/

  4. One of my favoured games is independence wars 2: edge of chaos which had its concept art in its install screen, which I loved (it was cool art work and a window into their minds) anyway you can put the concept art into the credits of the demo. Then as a teaser have a picture of the train station or Yus house which fades to nothing. :) Also good work

  5. Great ideas Tim! I'll see what the artists can come up with ;3


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