Sunday, 16 October 2011

lol scenes.

Day1: Bar (Michelle, I just used your bg layers from your previous work and mirrored it to fill windows, hope you don't mind).

Day2: Bar before defib puzzle (lol poor Kenny, it looks like he's planking XDDD)

Day2: Bar after defib puzzle

Urgh okay another 3 done! I would work on these longer but time is of an essence.

I'll just update what I've done so far:
- Done the buttons and rollover states for the bartender
- Done the buttons and rollover states for Kenny and Magazine options

Note, Kenny and Magazine options are a simple Y/N so they can use the same assets.

Which just reminds me, we need a mag cover! Will do so now ....

(30 mins later)...

Cool, we now have a mag cover XD.  Mike, would you be able to make it 3D like you did with the ticket when you implement this?

Wow I'm all Photoshop out but I still need to do the ending cutscene.  Will get onto it later today and then all the major stuff should be done and then the epic tweaking shall commence!

Right, I'm contemplating whether I should go out and get breakfast or just go to bed....hmmm!


  1. nice like the cover
    it would of been awesome if it has some small
    adds aut what this issue contains near the bottom.

  2. the cover does look good :D i see you managed to make it work even with the small file resolution..

    and awww! i really think the pic of kenny and his mum on the couch is so cute *w* you did this stuff so quick jade, im guessing you're dead tired right now.

    the phone is looking nice colour-wise :D

    awesome work!!!


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