Monday, 17 October 2011

ED Preview


The last pic is filled with potential for a gag gallery.  Now to animate ...

Yay for Yu filled with moar angst.


  1. looking good looking good
    i love the Family Pic hehe =D

  2. okay one of the gags HAS to be slenderman, please!!!
    and such a cute pic of the bro and sis combo <3<3<3 i love it!

    and the lighting behind yu is really reaaallly nice :D

  3. Thanks guys!

    Yeh I like the fam pic too XD

    Actually the gag changed from a slenderman look-alike, to the nightmare monster design from TKON then to my ugly mug because I thought it'll be funnier XD. Plus I always love those kind of easter eggs when the makers put their faces in the game somehow. I'm also stroking my eye liner moustache.


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