Saturday, 15 October 2011

Easter Egg teaser trailer

I've got an idea for a little Easter Egg scare to tag on at the end of the trailer. Assume that you'd be wearing headphones for this....

The scene shows Yu on the phone looking at himself in the mirror.  You'd hear the phone ringing coming from the right headphone and you'd hear it pick up.  Then either you'd hear something talk to you and then hear it instantly 'behind' you (yay for binaural post processing) or should you just hear something straight behind you?

On both accounts of hearing the thing behind you, you'd see something appear behind Yu in the mirror.

Question now... which scene should this take place in? I've thought up of a train window (different train from the beginning), bus stop, bathroom, derelict hallway or a a conceptual reflection which doesn't give any hint of where he Yu actually is (but I'd need to draw some slightly more complex perspectives).

Ideas go!

Ps some more inspiration:


  1. AH I LIKE IT!! i kinda like the idea of it going to the right headphone first because then i'd feel more surrounded in a way? but whatever is easier for the time you have!
    hmm. well it shouldnt be at the very beginning since we want to let things warm up a bit.. hmm... ahhh i cant think of that many opportunities.. unless its randomly a bit after/before the crash in a corridor :/
    nice pics!

  2. Ah this little scene can be anywhere and not affiliated with the train scene in the playable demo. Think of it like future scare that could potentially be in the full version XD

  3. the idea was and is AWESOME TO THE EARS


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