Sunday, 9 October 2011

Volume control, hand and eye icons

I thought that it would make sense to have the volume control on Yu's actual phone, although I think this was probably already suggested before.

Basically, on selecting the phone in the inventory there would be a volume button below the map button, which would make the phone show this :

On selecting mute, the volume of the game is muted, and selecting the blue bars raises or lowers the volume, or maybe it just needs to be hovered over.

Here are the pressed and unpressed buttons, and used and unused volume bars:

Also the eye and hand icons:


  1. Great post rumzi!!!

    I'm thinking whether to make the eye have the white outline/glow and bevel used like the hand icon and make it white in the middle? Only cos I didn't realise it was transparent til I looked at this post on the blog and not on the email lol.

    The mute/volume button is awesome, I hope Mike will be able to implement it into the game.


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