Thursday, 6 October 2011

Script Day2.3

For proof readers and editors mainly but everyone is welcome to download and read the script:

Script day2.3 (.pdf):

I will not do any more changes to this script unless there's something majorly wrong lol.  Major changes include cutting down and re-writing some parts of the dialogue.  Based on what Mike's done so far, I've spaced out a few bits.  I've also cut out the original ending and re-written it to be Yu's  blogologue/teaser trailer for what's to come.  Hopefully by then I'll get some more random concept art to overlay with the text.

Any ideas in what the teaser trailer could include based on the narrative so far?
So far I've got:

- The pictures of Kemi on Yu's phone
- Yu sitting in his sitting room with his laptop, a shadow appears in the window
- Insert random concept art with logo, and a 'coming soon' at the end too XD


  1. Read through it, looks good thought I was mostly looking through it to see how much we got left to do. Seems like quite a lot, but I'm sure we can at leats get most of it done. With the exception of the defib puzzle dosn't look like too much coding left to do. Really looking forward to old man rant XD

  2. Yeh it looks like a lot but I reckon once we get all the assets done, it's just a matter of copying/pasting and subbing it into the engine.

    Hooray for the crazy old man! XD

  3. hmm it does look good :)
    the ending is definately a good cliffhanger too, i think the script is perfec!!

  4. Cheers Michelle! I've got an edited version from Chris where she's tweaked the cutscenes - I'll upload a final version once Tim's finished ... if he's done it lol.

    Would you be able to contribute some kind of random concept art for the cliff hanger bits? Sry to keep asking you for more work >_<!

  5. lol okay, i keep getting freaked out by what im doing, its probably a lot less than i think but can you send me a message with all the things you need me to do jade? if its not too much trouble sorry ><

  6. Shall i give you a call or email? Calling may be quicker lol


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