Thursday, 13 October 2011

You guys.

Are awesome.

Keep it up everyone, we're nearly there!  Enjoy some Harrey Podder.

I've started writing a Silent Hill inspired track.  It really sounds like SH omg >_<.  Don't know if I should include it into the HW demo but see how it goes.  I've also updated some sfx into dropbox, nothing big.

Other than doing some quick researching I haven't done a lot of practical stuff at the moment but I shall carry on tomorrow.  The only things that I think I need to tackle for the game asset wise are

- Animate magazine cutscene
- Animate teaser cutscene
- CU for Yu's phone (do user buttons to answer/ignore).
- BG for phone dialogue.
- Music/SFX.
- 5000 word write up

I'm so glad that I've written out the script so that I can quickly look through it and see what needs to be done. Managing stuff level up!

Oh yeh Mike, how's it going with doing Yu's laptop close up?

Go Team Wasabi!! :D


  1. omg awesome animation skills right thar

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'll upload it once I've done a little more on it XD

    Mike: I know I've just told you on skype but u don't have to do the laptop CU ;D


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