Monday, 17 October 2011

What song should play for the credits?

Silent Hill (kinda) Theme 1

or Theme 2?

or something a bit more sombre

Damn composer's block.


  1. i do like the begining part of the Link 3 but i think ill choose number 2
    but the one you choose is great ^^

  2. sorry this comment is a little bit late

    wooooahh the first one is creepy. and it really reminds me of space.. i think its cool but wouldnt have fit anyway. seems to upbeat i guess?

    number two is niiiiicee and the one you went with i think? its my fave :D

    number 3 is so pretty, it reminds me again of final fantasy.. i really like it. im not sure if i prefer it to number 2. i think you must use the last two for something in this project at some point though!

    great work jade! not being a musical student at all i have no idea how you come up with these.. i can only stand back and be amazed

  3. Yeh I went with number 2 in the end - the more I listened to it, the more I liked it XD

    Cheers guys!

  4. Actually to elaborate a bit more
    1) It's not so much upbeat, it's just more..intense but not really happy or sad lol. Silent Hill uses at times in games and I tried to mirror it in a style befitting HW.

    2) I tried to make it like the asian version of SH music. So hard though, and I don't think I managed it in the end lol T_T

    3) It's an old track but I think I did talk about using this track for when Kemi finally loses it. Ah well, it shall be used sooon ;D

    Thanks again ^___^

  5. Yeah the 2nd was a good choice. I imagined the music for Kemi losing it would be something like this lol:

  6. Lol I'm not up to that stage where I can write extreme black metal yet Rumzi! XD

  7. ahh i know what you mean jade, i think you did terrificly though, this is a great stepping stone in your career ^^ totally shows what your made of n i loved it!

    ps rumzi that song made my cat wake up and run out the room lol

  8. @Michelle HAHA awww poor kitty!!! XD

  9. LOL but that song itself isn't black metal! It's just an instrumental piece lol

  10. Still I don't think I can write extreme stuff like that yet XD


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