Thursday, 13 October 2011

Bar first attempt

my first attempt at colouring the bar.... such a complicated background o__o im very impressed with the modelling.

crit crit crit


  1. WOOOOOO!!!
    I'm pretty happy with it and sticking with what you've done so far!

    Now I'd you to do these:
    - Details no smoking stuff
    - Flowers/something on the coffee table?
    - Ornate the bar area a little bit eg, gold bars over the shelves to stop bottles from falling out
    - Add in bottles/wine glasses in the shelves at the bar
    - Provide it without the tree/skys in the window bg (keep it transparent) for the moving animation. For the after-crash sequence, you can keep them in as the train wouldn't be moving.

    And that's it! Please get it done for me asap to do the post prod. THANK YOU!!! :D

  2. Oh yes and some more ambient lights in places just to make it look 'jazzed' up...thanks!

  3. oh yeah.. i always forget the no smoking signs...
    flowers are a-okay
    ornate is goooood
    can and will add glasses
    ambient lights... yush
    ill try and do it asap, tonight if poss but it was a complex bg so sorry it took me so long >< hard work haha

  4. That's not a problem because you'll need to do a crash version (more details on that later). Basically

    -Bar scene
    -mag illustrations
    - bar scene after crash.

    Thanks again! C:


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