Thursday, 20 October 2011

Off to bed. But first I'll just leave this here

EDIT:LOL opps uploaded the wrong version, correct version up now

So yeh I believe that makes it pretty much done, there's even a preloader in there. Though I dare say there are one or two minor changes I've will need to make (obvious one that stands out is the uncoloured items). One thing I should point out now of all the things I was told to change the magazine cut scene one I couldn't. Goodness knows why the music goes out of sync, either the images are going to fast or the music is somehow going too slow and I'm not sure which it is or indeed why one would be going at a different speed than the other. I even just stopped separating the music and video and left them in the original drop box version where its perfectly in sync and it still messed up! You're just gonna have to blame that on the engine.


  1. Okay, this is very worrying - the images were going way too slow for me. How is that possible? Is it possible for all the fps edits you made has somehow accumulated into one so that it just went uber slow?

    The only suggestion I can make is that I'll separate the audio for the ghost month magazine and tell you which elements to sync up to with the text. Or Is there also a way to possibly have the engine link to an external .swf file? Have you also tried exporting it and testing out as a .exe file? It could be because it's just being played on the internet and the data transfer speed has somehow interfered with it.

    PLAN B: if you still can't figure out why, I'll change the Ending to not include the Easter Egg and I'll tweak the audio to accommodate for the Ghost Month cutscene. The Ending is fine very slow but it'll have to do.

    In game stuff I'm pretty much happy with, it just needs some final minor tweaks (I'll listen the important ones for now):
    - Inventory disable

    - Disappearing carriage <-- Have Yu say "Did something just happened? Why did I suddenly feel like I just missed something? Huh." Before the player can progress because I missed it again.

    - Defib/medical montage <-- before the puzzle begins add "Remember your training. You're back on the course and you need to remember your basics. Where should the pads be correctly placed on the dummy?" On success, fade out to black screen (no sprites) and add in the dialogue box: "I managed to calm my nerves down and was suddenly transported back to my training. In that clarifying moment, I somehow managed to revive Kenny." Fade in, continue dialogue.

    - Tweak the dialogue especially the bits just before the end. There were some places in which the names didn't match the sprite talking but I shall write a full list on it later.

    - Delete Kemi's sprite at her final phone call, black 50% opacity bg, no split screen perhaps.

    - I will dropbox four tracks for you asap
    1) Bar carriage ambience day2
    2) Hurry theme (start play when the scene transitions to the bar after Riko comes screaming at you)
    3) Bar carriage ambience for after the defib puzzle
    4) A kind of oh no! theme for Kemi's final call.

    Well done for today's work Mike! Please try and get the cutscene working if not let me know asap!

  2. Ok it could most likely be the internet- export a .exe file and try from there. The 2nd time I played through after noticing your blog post edit, the the visuals took much longer this time. I've noticed that the typing speeds vary visually every so often so I suspect it's just an internet thing. Possibly a streaming thing. Anyway, export a .exe file if you can't do that, send me the file of your work and a link to flixel/flex so that I can do it.

  3. Mike; best check dA because I've spammed it as well as replied to Errol's comments too. Don't check your inbox because you won't be notified but the url that you've posted. Thanks!


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