Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hungry Whispers Sprite Preview

lol sprite

Download the full version off my dA, my all-nighter can now end.

*collapses into bed*


  1. jade i am so so so proud of you!!! this is incredible! beat thats a load off your mind ^^

    weelllll donnne!! all the poses are fab, good choice with the colours and its nice to see that rage guy has a face haha :D

    now you deserve a lot of sleep! so i hope you're still asleep now xD

  2. LOL really liking the design for the old man, I think he looks great. And rage guy and Kenny. Ahh they're all looking really good! Nice work.

  3. I still can't believe that I managed to churn out the 4 sprites pretty much from scratch: drawn, scanned, inked, shaded, coloured and textured o_O.

    Anyway, hope it's aesthetically pleasing as well as suitable for the characters they represent...

  4. its a good sign! this project has really helped you develop, dont you think? :)
    and it is!! ^^

  5. Hell yeh! I think it's been a really awesome learning curve so far :)

    It's been great working with you guys :D


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