Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Landmark Design

Hey Yo Guy this is my idea for the City's landmark if you can remember the story i did for the city and the Landmark.

The first is the basic designs for it i was deciding on ether a Chinese or a Japanese

style of castle but i think i like the Japanese one better ;)

The Four Squares that is shown on the Birdseye view is the 4 shrines

the surround the castle.

The Phoenix is the small statues on the side of the roofs

and the long bits on the walk way that rounds the castle

are in the shape of the boots that the villagers sealed

in to field the land and when someone enters the window light up

This one is the design for the walk way for each of the four shrine's this surrounds

the castle, the walls on the path i thought it could pictures of the ghosts

or the tell of the city and how it came to be in painting

This is the design of the shrine

the place where the Priest's come the pray

and the praying grounds in front of the building

The Alter that is inside of the building (on top left)

will have a very small lantern on it instead of the tradition rope

OK i hope that's it OK Jade, plz tell me what you think and all the rest

of the team and others thanks

The walkway boat are the next thing that is coming nxt

Thank guys .. Peace out ;)


  1. Looking pretty Kick-Ass HB!

    You've really helped shape the world outside the train scene XDDD Can't wait to develop this project even further especially with the temple designs. I can see all sorts of potential for creepy stuff happening here 8D

    Maybe there could be a puzzle connected to each shrine somehow ^ ^

  2. ahhh nice work daichi!! lovely lovely drawings too, good job with the perspective on them!! :D:D

  3. @Jade - Thanks HB hehe :D
    I was thinkin of placing Wind Chimes to the Shrine for when they pray that would be a creepy part to it when you are walkin down the path at night and u can hear the chimes echoing while you walk ;)
    Which Castle do u like more ?

    @Michelle Thanks Ruki
    But i did have trouble with the perspective on the Walk Path ^^;

  4. I actually find the sound of wind chimes soothing and not eerie at all. I think it'll be creepier to just not hear anything while walking down the paths at night. I'm a sucker for silence XD.

    On the other hand I know some people believe that the use of wind chimes actually summon spirits so not a lot of people will hang them up. Will need to check this out.

    I was also thinking about hearing some Buddhist chanting over it. Religious chanting always creep me out though.

  5. Kooolz plz let me know when you find out anything ^^


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