Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Magazine Cutscene I

Mainly for the artists but this is a quite compilation inspiration post for it.

This is an except/ draft of what I've written so far of the edited script for the magazine cutscene but hopefully it'll give you an idea in how it'll work.

It's basically done in the same style as the cutscene on dA: except, the text will be fade ins rather than typed and the audio will be more linear.  Actually, it might be better if the user is not in control of this cutscene just so that I am in control of all the buildups lol.

I'll post up the full script changes when it's ready but I'll type out what I've done so far just so that you have an idea:

Travel Mag Cover: (Tourist trap type magazine, gaudy looking.  You can use the Train logo like I used on the train ticket in one of my earlier posts or make a new one I don't mind).

"Tour Guide Monthly: special issue focusing on 'Ghost Month'"

Add some filler stuff for the front cover too. OR maybe just have the title and a picture of a scary Asian Demonic mask. Some random examples which I found:

From this link which has loads!!! <--
I'm not fussed where the mask originates from, as long as it's Asian of some kind.

From Lol this mask looks....naughty XD.

Chinese opera masks also works:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=f4d9b5af5b439955&biw=1547&bih=1043

Whatever tickles your fancy!

Page 1: (throwing in some ideas: some ornate looking gates (like those used in Shinto shrines?) which are open, spirits pouring out, make them look scary I guess).
It is believed that once a year on the seventh Lunar Calendar, the Gates of hell would open and that its inhabitants would roam the world along with the living.

These spirites are of those who have been denied entry to Heaven.  Either by having violent or accidental deaths, lacking proper burial rituals or having no living relatives to pay tribute to them.

Page 2: (incense pot maybe?)
To ease their suffering, 'Ghost Month' is the time for the living to pay tribute and respect.

Page 3: (reference to those really old style of pictures of 'Hell' etc. )
Neglecting or offending the restless spirits are often the cause of great disaster and/or unwanted attention. To avoid misfortune, many believers heed several warnings:
- Do not disturb or take food from the offering altars as they belong to the spirits.
- Whistling at night invites the dead to walk and follow you.
- Avoiding swimming during this time as playful spirits play tricks on you.
- Avoid travelling during this -

Here the cutscene will cut out and a crash sound effect will sound. After this cutscene, it'll be the post-crash part of day2.  (Please refer to the old scripts of day2 if you're really confused but they'll be updated properly once I've typed them out.)

Some images:

Coloured bg, with black silhouettes is what I'm aiming for.
Art style wise, some Asian shadow puppets, especially those of Java and South East Asia:


Click on the 2nd image to go to the website for some SE Asian classical dance poses done by real humans too XD.

With bg:

From this link: as it has some animation stuff too I think (didn't read all of it) so it may be useful.

I know the designs look complicated but downloading but you can easily use some Asian pattern textures from dA to give it the shadow puppet effect (I've got some already which I can dropbox too).

I'm expecting just a small inanimate images that takes up less than half a page (1280x720, 72 pp), the rest will just be black for the text so it doesn't have to be a big thing.  Something similar to my horribly unfinished lantern concept art like so XD:

 Perhaps a little smaller (half the size I reckon) with the text in the left side.

Anyway, I'll post up thumbnails if people are really stuck but I'm quite intrigued with what people can come up with.  Please refer to my flicker account to see the photos I took of chinatown too.  Ghosts with uber long limbs like the top picture will look extra creepy :D.

Anyway hope this gives you an idea, please let me know if you need any other info!


  1. I'm guessing this is all mostly for Kelly and Michelle but I thought I would mention anyway art nouveau style patterns ( and celtic knots ( ( I know they're not asian (though art nouveau was directly inspired by asian art) but I thought they might be a good reference or something to look at for inspiration.

  2. JADE
    im sorry about my lateness ><
    i had a friend over and tbh she tired me out so much i didnt have much tiem for drawing, shes just gone home though so am free again ahah XD

    and thanks for the inspiration pics mike! ill try my best ;w;

    oohhhhh wow, okay so im designing an illustration (one or more?) to go with that article yushh...?
    aahhhadghjasgda textures texturessss
    my friends

  3. i will also do sketches for the concept art pics again soon >< sorry sorry.. i know i picked a bad time for a draw a day but needed to get my mojo back ;w;


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