Monday, 3 October 2011

Just a little update

Heya just a quick update to confirm that I am currently working on the engine and where it's at. Jade gave me a list of things to do each day this week and I'm pleased to say it's Monday and I already completed everything for this day and then some and will easily get tomorrows work all done. I've added all the carriage backgrounds and the buttons to move between areas (which was very straightforward). I'm currently working on the code for adding the characters and their animations which is also going well and in fact am pretty much done with that (the figuring it out part, I got it all fully working now, just have to see how much I can optimize, not that it lags or anything I just always do that once I got code working). When Yu starts talking his expression changes etc so yeh, all is good in code land and I shall post it up tomorrow once I have a bit more done. Night!


  1. You the man Mick :D

    Kool we Win a award ... BOOOOOOO YAAAAAA!!!

  2. Excellenté!!!!

    I've just finished unpacking, had a l4d2 match (I won) and now I'm going to drop box everything and do the post production for stuff.

    I will go shopping tomorrow to buy more chocolate coated coffee beans because there's none left :(

  3. ps Mike, where did you get the sprites? Did you download the sprite sheet?

  4. wow we are so cool even random japanese guys know about us!! ^^

  5. Random NOBLE PRIZE WINNING japanese guys! :O

  6. yes yes you're right! but not just nobel prize winning japanese guys, but nobel prize winning japanese guys one of whose head is enveloped in flame! ^^


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