Friday, 14 October 2011


Potential cover art?

Too bad my original was insanely small - I originally intended it to be a small doodle but didn't realise that it would turn out to be a final concept piece. Oh well!

Jade & Michelle's work COMBINE.

As I thought, the blurb may be a bit too long.  If it can be shortened anymore that would be great but I think for now it's fine.

Edit: clean ver.


  1. looking good jade!!! how the heck did you make the colour so pretty? is it to do with the gradients tool on layers?
    anyway, love all the versions :D
    not really sure how to make the text much shorter.. i think its okay for now at least?

  2. Gradients, Overlay/Soft light and opacity tweaks are your best friends ;D
    Same goes for textures as I used a blue texture and tweaked the colours with fill gradients and changed the layer type. Very easy and it produces instant eye candy results.

    I admit, I'm lazy >_<.

    Yep blurb's fine for now! Until I can recruit more proper writers we'll have to make due with my shoddy script and blurb editing ! XD

  3. haha i do the same thing with my art :D its not lazy, its just a good shortcut! blame photoshop!

    ah awesome :3

  4. I really like this. I think the face should be more obscure though, or more shadowy so that its more abstract

  5. I think it's alright for the demo, might be worth to come back to it after the deadline but I'll keep it for now. Thanks for the input!

    Btw Rumzi, I have a job for you - would you be able to help Mike out for the graphics for the defib puzzle? You'd basically need to do the image of a human being like it's been drawn for those "in case of emergency, break glass" except for how to use the defib. Again I can do some kind of post prod to make it look a bit dreamy so that it'll go with Yu's flashback of his training.

    Thanks again!

  6. wooow loving the glow effect nice goin HB :D


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