Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mock ups

Bar before crash base

Bar before crash base + light filter

Bar before crash + interface test

Bar before crash base + interface/dialogue test

Bar before crash base + interface/dialogue with extra sprite test

... Mike I can't remember if you've programmed in the sprites for all dialogue....

Anyway this is what I meant by having a 50% black opacity over the bg when Yu talks to another character, the focus would be on on the characters and not on the bg like so.


    it fills me with glee to see the backgrounds edited with people in them!! SUGOIIIII

    btw jade if you do for any reason need me today, send a text since i wont be at the comp much x

  2. Thank you Michelle! I think I ended up sleeping for most of it .... XD But thank you again for the support!! :hug:

  3. so sexy is that Bartender hehe
    the scene looking awesomeeeee


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