Thursday, 6 October 2011

Magazine Cutscene II

I totally forgot about this, but this is what I had in mind in terms of the animation style for the mag cut scene and possibly the ending blogologue/teaser trailer type.  Depending on time and how much I can program.

If artists can help out with the visual assets that will be greatly appreciated so then I can focus on the animation/programming and audio.  Something visually interesting with as little animation over it as possible with great writing and awesome music.


  1. So all you are really after is just images that relate? Not a magazine design or anything like that? When I'm done with the coding I can help out with this assuming it all hasn't been done by then.

  2. Yeh that's basically it. Sorry if I wasn't clear about it in the first post! Nah no magazines just the front cover I guess. That'll be great if you can help out!

  3. ahsdgahjdg lost odyssey...
    these cutscenes are always so gorgious in the game with lovely music.. they made me cry once XD
    do we need to do something like this before the deadline...?

  4. Yep, I was thinking of doing the magazine cut scene like that. Minimal visuals with some animation tweaks and awesome music!


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