Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bar Research

Hey Guy thought i help out the guys doing the Bar Designs

for i found some pic of Bars/Bars from Games to help you out

i hope these will help :D

Japanese Bar

Random Bar 1

Random Bar 2

Streets of Rage 2 - Bar Scene

Bayonetta - The Gates of Hell Bar

Final Fantasy VII - 7th Heaven

*The Bouncer*

this is a CutScene from the PS2 game "The Bouncer" i could'f find

any pic on the bar on this game but found a vid on it - sorry guys ^^;

start from 5:30


this is the bar from *Shenmue*

again couldn't find a pic for it but found this vids

start from 0:30

I thought that i'd put up some of the bar music from the games,

thinking that the sound may help you picture it well hearing it :D

I hope this helps, enjoy guys ;)


  1. Wonderful work Errol!

    These are definitely immensely helpful, especially the music! It's just occurred to me that I've neglected the audio for quite a while so this is a great reminder for myself (bad Jade, bad!).

    I suck at writing jazz pieces though ... this'll be interesting O_O.

  2. Thanks Jade

    well Jazz music does make the Mood in a nice bar :D

    but writing it is hard who do u think can do it?

  3. Ahh hehe now i know its goin to be awesome and well done =D

  4. Wow this is pretty excellent research! I instantly thought of the Bayonetta bar and im glad you put the gates of hell music. Jade for jazz music, just make it sexy and its fine. Or, alternatively, imagine a scene from a 1940's detective noire film lol

  5. See how it goes, it can't be too happy or sexy but still give a feel of a bar. I might check out some jazz lounge music on youtube too.

  6. Thanks Ramz

    Well the gates from Hell have a good design to it so i dont blame you there but just wish they had a pic of the whole bar

    Jazz is sexy no matter what type it is

  7. oohhh nice going daichi!!
    *thumbs up*


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