Tuesday, 11 October 2011

random scribblings of an idiot

little concept art ideas that were starting to form in my head o__o
i stole the first bg from one of jades china town pics as well as the masks from an ealier post..

these could potentially be for the magazine;

and these two are just random.. the second one has a bit of the magazine concept art over it to suggest shes being haunted by LATERNS. OH GOD NO.


  1. Hey these are great! The top ones are very atmospheric, they seem quite smockey. I really like the colours you've choosen for the Kemi ones too. This has made me want to do some Kemi drawings after the deadline XD

  2. Holy moly these are great Michelle!

    The first 3 pages look stunning and I think they're prefect for wips. I've given them the go-ahead and I love the smoke idea. For the time being I wouldn't worry about the bg, I think just keep them black. Keep the smoke effects because I love them - and that should give me enough space to do the text animations.

    I love the 3rd page too - the outlines over the grey bg is very effective and very xxxholic/mushishi-esque. Can't wait to see that fully developed!!!

    HAHAH. Awesome idea - I'll need to draw Kemi being chased by haunted lanterns now... Poor Kemi XD

    Amazing work again Michelle, I'm really proud of you! Feel free to upload the finished concept arts to your dA too (exposure = win!).

  3. thanks mike ^^
    well you should! especially if we're having that unlockable fanservice gallery...
    i demand more yu fanservice!

    and thanks jade~

    ah cool, well i like the first 2 illustrations so i guess ill neaten them up a tad and submit again later in the week :) and i want to redraw the third cause i really have no idea whats going on there looking back at it..

    lol and i am going to have another HW sketchdump in the next few days. maybe one now and another after the next demo of the game is up so i can prod people towards it :D

  4. If we have time, an unlockable gallery would be cool! Haha ok, I'l be in charge of supplying the Yu fanservice, Michelle for Kemi ;D

    Really? I quite like how it's really abstract for the 3rd page! Oh well, see how it goes if you're really unhappy with it!

    HW sketchdump = win, I'm looking forward to those ;D. The more the better!

  5. oh my oh my, dont let me have all the fun XD
    really? o__o i will try and work with it then lol

    awesome, i might put a bg one up tonight.. in the dump, should i use the post-production versions of the bg with credit to you or the pre-post ones? :o

  6. You can use the post prod ver if you like :)


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