Saturday, 8 October 2011

Audio/general update

I've done most of the audio sfx for day1 and I suspect most of them will be reused for day2 ....YAY.  All that's left now is to do the music and I've also done a bit of a write up for the physical/psychological visual map for the sound design as well as a map on where tension should buildup for the sound design.

It sounds impressive but it actually is more of some random scribbles done by me so it probably wouldn't mean a lot.

Now I'll need to struggle in writing Kemi's theme as well as some jazz music for the bar T_T.

Mike: would you be able to implement the sounds and post up the engine with them ASAP? Refer to the readme.txt in dropbox or skype me to clarify.
ML: has gone AWOL so the bar is all up to you Rumzi!
Michelle: you know what to do XD


In other news, I just got contacted by a random deviant who's really interested in joining the team so I've told him the game concept and asked whether he can provide some random concept art based on that.  His account is here , what do you guys think?  Pretty impressive me thinks O_O.

Okay...past 7am...BED TIME.


  1. Yes I will do the bar then lol. Also for Kemi's theme, im thinking of something like this: From Okami...

    That artist on dA is impressive. Would be good to have them on the team. When we work on the rest of the game, having more concept art helps all around in visualising what we want to do.

  2. LOL what are you trying to turn Kemi into Rumzi?!

    I've set him a test task to see how he gets on but I do agree, the more concept art the better. I'm so excited about this project lol *happy tears*

  3. Cool, will implement them on my next update which will be tuesday.

  4. i will do my best!

    and well done jade, you say its not a lot but it sounds like youve done alot to me o__o

    we need more concept artist and this guy is awesome so i say go for it :D

  5. Yes. Rumzi is serious.


  6. Great response so far btw. Well, after the deadline is done I'll see what will happen as I still want to finish this project either way!


    This is probably better

  8. well well well.. im learning a lot about people on this project arent i XD

    in all seriousness though i like the beginning of this new song..

  9. You know the beginning actually sounds a tad similar to one an unfinished track of mine that I was thinking about using for the scene in which Kemi finally breaks and goes bad (and Yu gets sad about it) ... think I should post it up for everyone to have a listen to? :s

    It's horribly unfinished though btw ...

  10. Your wish is my command Michelle!

    I couldn't resist the drum beats though ... T_T

  11. ahhh!! i like the drum beats :O
    god this is kinda creepy, i like it! its like something is mentally cracking... its perfect....

  12. Hell yehz! I might develop that track for later use but for now, if it works, it works!

    Thank you! C:


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