Monday, 10 October 2011


Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around very much this past week. Since this is the last week now before the deadline though this project is my first priority so please text me if theres something you need done and ill get to it, this week im all for this project ^^ (except for the hour on saturday when merlin is on... heheheh)

okay so stuff im working on.. ive hit a bit of a wall with these so let me know what you want added/improved?

i cleaned up and added a few things to jades concept art;

(maybe it needs more shadows.. and stuff in the bg? although see if you can see the thing i already added in the bg)

and tried to do yus room after the crash;

(maybe i should make the entire bg a slightly darker colour..? or should we do that in post?)

ill work on the magazine illustration next then go back to these if there are suggestions! keep up the great work! x



    Thank you for fixing up my shoddy lantern artwork XD Do you reckon you could drop box the final edit so that I can do some post-production to it?

    Guys. I think we've found our cover art for the demo ;D.

    Great work with Yu's messed up room too! I've donwloaded what you've done so far to do the post prod. Man I'm so excited...THANK YOU MICHELLE!

    ps, ML's going to get the bar done tomorrow evening so look out for it!

  2. are you sure you dont want anything else added to it?
    i might do some more concept art anyway haha :D

    okay dropboxing it now as a png (let me know if you need it in another format)

    sounds good :)

  3. Nothing comes to mind when I see it so it's a-ok for me! :D Thank you!

    The more concept art the better! I think that's one thing we're definitely lacking lol >_<

    You're so full of win Michelle ;D

  4. Hey those look amazing Michelle! Nice work.


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