Saturday, 16 July 2011

Yu Character Mood Board #2

EDIT: Added Kyle Hyde cos he's awesome too. And I see Yu's the type who'd wear smart casual clothes as opposed to any other type of clothing with small personalised items like phone charms, key rings and watches but that's the extent of him trying out different fashion ideas.

I'd like to add these pictures to the original board as Yu is still a Dr. in training and not so kick ass as Asada from Iryuu or Tenma from Monster XD.

Atm I'm not too sure which field Yu could specialise in so I'll just link up a few more pictures to mull over.

Thought I'd add in more Iryuu/Asada goodness just cos it's so ridiculously epic. It's practically the tv show of Trauma Centre. 

Oh and let's not forget Scrubs...

I'm going to add that Yu use to be quite jokey before the incident at A&E and his actions really hit him.  He also feels that he has to make up for his actions but is still unsure in how to do it.


  1. ah that top pic of kyle is so nice!!
    and pics from atlus the team that made persona and trauma center.. that is always going to win points with me >D

    so with the drawings.. you dont want them too 'shoujo manga' style right? more like.. i guess kinda a bit more 'hard' like kellys art? or... like the hotel dusk kind..?

  2. Yes I love the sketchy-ness of Hotel Dusk!

    I'm thinking more the lines of Kelly's art and definitely not too 'shoujo manga'. Otherwise the guys will have eye lashes the size of pens and girls will have their eyes the size of plates. As long as it's not KAWAII-DESU it should be fine...we can always put a filter over it to make it a bit 'gritty' lol.

  3. Still cant believe I forgot to post Kyle Hyde and Trauma Centre. I think going for a hotel dusk kinda look would be cool.


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