Monday, 25 July 2011

colour experiment of doom

Messing around in Photoshop trying to get the ball rolling with colours..

(was this the outfit design you liked jade? amendments are welcome! even if it means a total clothes makeover haha)

I made them kinda dark since its a dark game but perhaps i should have done the opposite since she's a 'light' character?

any colour suggestions throw them my way..

and maybe suggestions on other things that need designing.. i know theres yu and kemi but also the detective gumshoe character..? anyone else or anything else? (incl. backgrounds and props)

i really like drawing kemi hmm.. :/


  1. Yeeh!! I liked this outfit :D

    I agree with the light use of colour to match her 'light' personality :3 I love her yellow converses!! So cute XD

    Yellow/brown combo like you used with accent of blue? Maybe she can have a blue badge on her hat or a blue/brown pretty thingie accessorising the hat or jacket.

    Loving the outfit design so far. It suits her slightly introverted personality :)

    Other design suggestions:
    Characters on the train=
    1 Friendly approachable bartender who serves in the food/recreational 1st class carriage. Snazzy uniform and moustache is a must.
    2. Anxious rich looking mother looking after a sniffly looking son (8y/o).
    3. Old man sipping tea who just wants to talk to Yu. He's travelling back to the city due to his son's passing (same age as Yu).
    4. Frustrated business worker trying to save a company deal over the phone who keeps telling Yu to piss off lol.

    1. Yu's 1st class sleeper train room
    2. Carriage hallways
    3. Carriage bar / seating area

    1. Yu's Phone
    2. Yu's Phone CU with space for caller ID
    3. Yu's train ticket
    4. Yu's wallet & keys? Hope this helps!

  2. ps I've added labels to your post c:


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