Monday, 25 July 2011

Before I pass out...

Just thought I'd post up these quick character sketches I did for Yu. Personally I'm not sure which one I like best, I just tried to go for different ideas and hopefully one of them gets somewhere. I know there's not loads but I'll do some more and add those later. He doesn't really have that much expression in these images but I suppose that's not entirely a bad thing, his sister has gone missing and shes accused of murder so he's probably not gonna be that happy anyway. Also did a sketch off what his clothes might be like, not sure if it makes that much sense but its basically a jacket with a scarf , jeans and t-shirt.


  1. Personally I love the lower right. I think he has the X factor....

    Joke aside, I'm more drawn to the one on the left with the short hairstyle. I've actually been trying to get that hair style down in my character designs but keep failing lol XD. Will probs try again again after I finish the script for day2!

    The left design I find fits more of Yu's personality and bg. Just going along with the ride and keep up with appearances for a Nurse in training. He also has a slight JD from scrubs air to him which is nice XD

    I see that you've done a Tenma on the middle design XD Maybe it's just the hairstyle or something but he looks more like a designer or something. Same with the design on the bottom kinda like from the army...ish XD Anyway that's my critique so far. I'm liking the outfit designs though :D Keep it up! Looking forward to the next bunch of updates.

  2. lmao i see a bit of a joker/troll face in the corner. I think short hair would make more sense since long hair would be a bit troublesome working in a hospital. Unless its grown quickly maybe.

  3. I'm not against the long hair - maybe after the A&E incident his appearance started going out the window because of the guilt/stress. Excuse to make him more of the rugged character perhaps?

  4. Yeh I kind of deliberately went for Tenma style, maybe after he leaves work he does get quite rugged for a bit, I dunno. I thought you might like the one on the left the most. I think its more sutiable for someone who works in a hospital. And lol yeh the bottom right is kind of armyish, I think its the square jaw, I just through him in as a wild card.

  5. what is that face on the bottom right corner.......... so creepy XD

    lovely sketches though, you have a great style mike :3


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