Monday, 11 July 2011

Flash Adventure Game Engine

So while looking up adventure game tutorials I came across this engine built in action script 3. It's pretty nice and its in the style of Monkey Island 3 so you can actually see your character and click to move them around. Given its made in AS3 you can easily edit the code and make the changes you want to make with the knowledge you've already gained.

I would usually get a nice image so this post doesn't look so boring but I can't find one of the engine in action and too tired to make one, but I'm sure the gods will forgive me.

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  1. HAHAH I love it!!! So Grim Fandango/Monkey Island. That reminds me I should finish playing Psychonauts. Hmm. Might do it later this evening...or start Legend of Dragoon. >.<

    Will download it and muck about with it soon as well as Ren'Py. Btw did you manage to get the files for TKoN?



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