Friday, 8 July 2011

Visual Novel Research

Had a little look around for other examples of visual novels that are playable online and came across two specific examples.

Both are on deviantart, the first is by a user called ZEIVA.
To play the full game you have to buy it but you can test it out here;


'X-note is a blend between Visual Novel and Dating-Sim. Follow the story of Essi as she pursues the truth of her mother's death. The game spans for 30 days, of which you can train Essi's psychic abilities, explore the school, collect notes, and make choices to determine her fate.'

Aaaand there's another user called PACTHESIS who makes quite good, but purely dating-based ones. Their most recent is here;

but you can find the others;

Would also like to add, hellos! This my first post and I am hoping to help Team Wasabi as much as I can ^^ Expect a spammage of entries from me :D


  1. RIght, I've finally finished playing through these and I shall now write my mini review!

    - Really like how you 'level' up your psychic abilities and I'm curious as to whether the stats will affect the story. I'd be really interested if that were to case and making it have vastly different endings or something.

    - Very nice clean interface but I'd personally like to make it a bit more...personal for the character? I tried to do this with my protagonist in the game I made last year with her phone. Not only could she check mail and use the internet, it also had map capabilities and I wanted to expand on that for going to different locations. I aimed to have it like a media player instead of getting the player to go through menu/options etc.

    - Quite well written, I can see the characters being quite in-depth. As our game is very story based heavy we'd need to brainstorm decent characters at least.

    Chrono Days:
    - I like the use of close ups to make some of the text bits interesting as well as the odd bit of animation. Will definitely need to work on the animation soon. I found that it got pretty stale during moments of just clicking through the text.


    - On the other hand we won't be making a dating sim (lol) as I tend to just trudge through the 1 month time limit as fast as I could just to see what happens. So the aim is to make it more like Phoenix Wright.

    - As mentioned earlier I'd like to integrate the menu system more into the story line (which I failed to do effectively before) as oppose to a bog standard menu system.

    - Incorporate more animation because we might as well exploit that Flash capability and possibly make it a bit more...cinematic? I'll post up some some animated graphic novel sequences after this post.

    - I understand timing is an issue but we can do severals ways about this. 1) write a static story line 2) story with multiple branches by implement a stat system and/or optional answers. The problem with 2) is that depending on whether it's written in 1st/3rd person it'll get a bit tricky.

    Ahh so many choices!

  2. Animation, at least on the very basic level will be easy to incorperate with flashs tweening feature. Given that both Michelle and I have done animation (despite both hating it) I'm sure we can do a bit for like an opening or cut scenes kinda like FMV sequences in final fantasy games.

    As for static story vs multiple branches I think going with a static story but with optinal anwsers to questions. Kinda like how in Phoneix Wright and Persona you can choose many replys but ultimatly, with the exception of a few, they dont really change the overall story - its still very linear but will give the player chances to interact. I just think going for a story with multiple paths could get confusing to make - would be fun however. Plus it probably means more work to write the different paths.

  3. wow hm... i know you dont have too much time for this project jade so im agreeing with mike here that maybe for convenience sake we should do a static storyline and concentrate on making that as creepy as possible and thus can spend more time on it overall..

    and yeah we could do some animation, i wouldnt mind giving it a go :)

  4. Yeup I agree with Mike. Jade you should stop trying to make this project bigger than it already is.

    Static story it is but I do like Mike's idea that you can choose different answers just like PW and Persona and that it doesn't have a huge effect on the main storyline.

    I like the sound of that, having bits of animation here and'll just make it Cheers guys, I'll help out on the animation too :). I shall post up another post soon in terms of animation style. I'm thinking simple tweening stuff because I don't want to be bogged down with too much animation.

  5. tweening sounds gooooooooooooood XD
    but yeah i like that idea.. gives the player a bigger sense of responsibility than they actually have (or will realise until after several playthroughs hehe) YOU CANNOT ESCAPE D< mwahahah


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