Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine

Hi dudes

This is kinda more for Mike but this is the visual novel engine that I found last year.  I've yet to actually have a proper poke around with it but I have played at least two visual novels that were made on the engine.

Engine link: Ren'Py engine

VNs that were made on it:
RE:Alistair ++

Both are made by a group called SakeVisual ( dA group is ).  I've actually just checked out Visual Novel Group on dA and they've updated their affiliates since last year so not sure if others would want to  have a quick look of it.

It's been a while since I played through them just to get an idea but I'll write a quick pro/cons for them from what I remember

+ Story pacing was really good especially in Ripples
+ The money making system in RE:Alistair++ was quite cool although I don't think it affected the narrative that much which was a bit of a shame
+ 'Cutscenes' were quite effective for static images.
+ Multiple endings

- Got quite repetitive with the gameplay (why do they always say "you've got a month to work out who x is"?).  In a why I'd really want to expand the inventory system like Phoenix Wright lol. So repetition is an issue, we'd need to do something about it lol.  Maybe slowly reveal more locations or something.

Anyway, I've downloaded them again so I'll quickly play through them again to get more ideas and I'll update this post later.


  1. ahh!! i know the girl who does the art for ripples from deviantart.. deji-chan i think... anyway am going to play alistair tomorrow when i get some time but i played ripples this evening and very much liked it and how it was set out. Of course for your game it'll be interactive, but its nice to see the technology thats out there and it was really engaging too :D

    will comment again tomorrow once i play the next game (which is also probably the more useful one, sorry) >D

  2. Okay as you know I've just powered through those two games, Ripple takes about 2 mins to beat and RE:Alistar++ takes a lot longer but is more interactive. So here are my thoughts and how they relate to your project (or not);


    - PEOPLE KEEP TRYING TO JUMP INTO MY PHOTOS, I HATE THE WORLD. Lesson Learnt? The main character is whiny and annoying, at least i thought. What makes a good character good is subjective but Id suggest just making interesting characters.

    -Music doesn't loop very well, you can tell when the track comes to an end then it goes around again. Lesson learnt? Make music loop smoothly

    -You can either tap the mouse or use the space bar. Lesson Learnt? Simple convenience, it makes life easier.


    - I DONT KNOW HOW TO FIX COMPUTERS, I HATE THE WORLD, again with the characters

    - the little touches like the loading screen for the game are really nice despite im sure its doesn't need to load

    - the interaction, despite being limited is nice. But it feels rather shallow like the money system doesn't effect the story. Its persona syndrome just on a smaller scale and person is better at covering it up. Also the three endings dont really have much difference except 1.

    As for the engine myself looking at these two games theres probably quite a lot you can do with it and given that its designed for this kind of thing it might be the best thing to use rather then as3. I ended up playing all these games all night so I'll start programming tomorrow and see what I can churn out in a few days. Either way theres gonna be some technical limitations -having said that you did a lot of the work already so maybe if we build on that, can you send me the files to your old project when you have the time? Long comment is long.

  3. Excuse weird sentences, its late and im tired XD

  4. Michelle: Yes I quite like Ripples too. Might be an idea to draw from that for the cut scene-y bits perhaps? I like how it plays more like a comic rather than a static image where you have to scroll to the next text. But who knows!

    - I agree, we need a likeable character.
    - Onto that case for the audio Capt'n!
    - Game design/mechanics noted.
    - I can't remember the loading screen for Re:Alistar++ care to elaborate? I can't really bother to start playing it again just for that XD
    - Yeh I didn't really bother with the how money system (wth is up with all these visual novels revolving around money?! XD). I think we can safely say that we won't bother with something like that. Aim: make it Phoenix Wright quality lol.
    - We'll run with it for the time being. I'll also give Ren'Py ago just for the experience then I'll decide if what I want achieve can be done on Ren'Py. Although it'll be a great shame for the engine I made last year!

    Cheers both of you!

  5. With the loading screen - when you enter the MMORPG a loading screen is displayed, like you usually would when booting up a game. I dont know why I even mentioned it tbh I just thought it was a nice touch as it wasnt needed but acted as a good book post between the game and the game within a game. On a side note its like how in portal 2 (which when you play it you will understand the reason why) the loading screen changes as the game progresses. I really liked that as even though its such a minor thing it manages to keep you in the game.

  6. Ah yeh I remember now, that was a nice touch as you said.

    We can easily incorporate that when the protagonist access their phone or a computer within the game. Bare in mind that since it's a Flash game, the actual play area will be quite small to suit it being played online (or downloaded) for those who do not have access to a big ass computer screen like mine.


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