Sunday, 31 July 2011

Looking at Interfaces

So here's the first reference I wanted to look at. Obviously from Phoenix wright. To use an item you select it on the bottom screen and press present. Simple enough. You also get the description of it at the same time. Given we wont have the luxury of duel screens (though we could just dedicate the bottom half to items if we really wanted) I reckon this would be a little overkill which might make you wonder why I even bothered showing it. Moving on.
So in hotel dusk featuring THE MAN Kyle Hyde you have a separate screen for the items. When you want to use an item you select it and then you go back to the normal screen and your mouse cursor is that item and to use it you click on the screen (at least I THINK that's how it worked). Quite like that system, simple, it works.
So here I'm looking at the monkey island special edition as the original monkey island's system was pretty dense and a bit clunky by todays standards but it works. Thinking about it though the special edition really isn't all that different. You call up the menu and select either the use or look item, your cursor icon changes and then where ever you click you'll get a description of that thing or you'll use the item. I think again its a bit ott. But I wont hold it against monkey island special edition as it had to stay true to the original.

Just because I like to shoehorn discussion of this game into anywhere I can. At least thank me for not looking at the metal gear solid system but I figured that would be a pointless thing to look at given its a 3d game, and has nothing to do with what we're doing here. Anyway good old policenauts! So in this game you can click anywhere on the screen, if you click on something you can interact with a small menu (which here is in Japanese) will pop up with a list of ways you can interact with that object. Given its a game by Hideo Kojima pretty much everything you click on has a description and each description can be essays in length. To talk to people you just click on them, and even by clicking on different areas and selecting 'look' or 'use' you can get different results.

I was going to then look at Kojimas other point and click game snatcher until I realised its not actually a point or click as you never point or click. Its all menu based so when you select look a list of the items in the room appears. And I'm pretty sure we're not gonna go for anything like that so it seems a bit pointless to go into here.

Anyway, I'm a bit tired so not sure what conclusion to come to on what system works best, but I made this post to see what ya'll think.


  1. I've pretty much said over Steam what I've wanted to say but I'll just type it out here to keep a record!

    Overall I think the Hotel Dusk interface is the simplest to use because we can use the drag and drop code and I really like the drop down menu idea which can change when a user interacts with a person or a object. Example for a person being "look/talk" and for objects "look/use" or something. Thanks Mike!

  2. Ps i forgot to add, how will the 'Move' function work? Will it be like PW where you click on a big move button or click on the door or something? Or maybe both? Move will take you to a completely new map/area and the door will take you to another area of the same map?

  3. You know what I honestly havnt though about that. I thought that you'd move from one area to another by clicking on different areas of the screen but I guess that wouldnt really work. In policenauts when you click on the screen one of the options that comes up is move, and then a list of places you can go. But personally I think it might just be better to maybe have an icon or arrow at the side of the screen. I need to actually play phoneix wright quickly again as I cant remember how they do it. It was something like a list of locations you could visit, hmm that would probs work. What do you think?

  4. PW has a big move button regardless of whether it's part of the same map or a completely different area, although it's stuck to 3 options.

    I was thinking of having arrows/doors to go onto different areas of the same map and using the 'MAP' function on Yu's phone to go to a completely new area. My original idea in TKON was to have the Tube map.

  5. Ah k, yeh that sounds pretty easy to implement.


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