Saturday, 23 July 2011

First look at Kemi - hair

For now take these as veeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyy rough initial sketches that took a couple of mins each but I've been trying to work on the MC face/hair designs starting with Kemi.

what is this i dont even...........

im having trouble, if there is a hair design here that you like please say and ill work a bit more with it, if not ill go and find some new hairstyles....

This is kind of what I'm imagining her to be like atm;

I keep wanting to give her a hat or sunglasses or some kind of accessory..!
right now to sketch Yuuuuuuuuuuuu

and if you guys have a different opinion of what she should look like as well maybe post a photo or something..


  1. These are really nice. Personally I like the bottom right the most. I like the hair design just above that one too but I wonder if thats a little too fancy. I quite like the hat she has in the middle as well, very cute.

    I'm being biased here but I kinds imagined Kimi being a bit like this; , but probably a bit younger and more innocent looking.

    Or like this, this isnt a great image of her but the girl from mushishi that has the thing wrong with her leg

    ALSO while im on mushishi, how the hell did I forget Ginko for Yu inspiration as well?? Anyway here he is now;

  2. Yaaay! The first concept art post has been posted! ^WWWWW^ omgomg this is so awesome, I love your sketches Michelle!!

    For some reason I'm being most drawn to the middle right picture in terms of hair style and her portrayal seems to suit the personality I have in mind. She has a sweet personality but not overwhelmingly sweet to put off people liking her with an upbeat attitude.

    Hairstyles: I reckon you've nailed it already with the hairstyle I've mentioned above- it's short at the back but has long bits in the front right? Shows that she's more of a modern girl who has a bit of personality I think. The fringe still gives her the appearance of her youth which is exactly what I like ;D.

    Hats: How about the Baker Boy hats? They're my favourite style/type of hats. They can look a bit guy-ish but it has lots of feminine designs. Stuff like cute badges could be attached to it :p. Okay the actual link is too long to paste but if you go onto the accessorize website and search for "Bakerboy" hats you'll see what I mean.

    Fashion style: Do you know the Japanese/Korean "FOB" style? It mainly consists of layers, baggy shirts and tight jeans/leggings. It says "comfortable and cute". This is a good website that also outlines accessories and colours used .

    Some images (sry they're vids) at 4:21 and 1:25 and finally .

    Looking your ideas, it's helped me formulate a clearer bio for her: she's the type of character who's fresh out of uni and it's her first time doing a proper job. She's actually a bit shy/quiet and the only person who she's comfortable with being herself is Yu. She loves her family to bits and considers Yu like a best friend as well as a brother. Due to her slightly mousey personality she finds it hard to work in a very demanding work environment but she's trying her best. She has a habit of taking photos on her camera phone as inspiration for her writing as well as keeping a small diary/writing book.

    Hope this comment helped! Keep up the amazing work!


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