Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Black metal album art

While listening to the epic yet ridiculous black metal band Immortal, I remembered that black metal has very dark imagery. I'm not sure how dark or surreal the setting should be but here are some ideas.


  1. ooh scary... mainly because from far away it looks dark and epic and scary but if you stop and look closer you see even more gruesome things.. its all about the details.. nice find!

  2. Very, very nice! Especially the the human headed dog. Also it's very ... HP Lovecraft ish? Whenever I look at artwork like these I always seem to have the comment "My name...my name is Daniel'' from Amnesia XD

  3. :O

    Very creeps! Reminds me of the paintings you find in Amnesia, a bit

  4. Emma! You've played Amnesia?!

    I agree with Emma, probs why the comment "My name...my name is Daniel" keeps popping to mind hehe XD


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