Monday, 25 July 2011

Hungry Whispers Script1.1 & 1.2a

It seems that no one received the script into their email account so I'll post up a download link for it.  Or better yet, if you have DropBox it'll automatically be synced into it.

Just to clarify the naming conventions:
'1' = refers to the day, '2' = refers to the script version, 'a' = refers to which version of the version (lol) usually it's a minor update/edit. So...
"'hungrywhispers-script1.1" = Hungry Whispers Script Day 1, Version 1
"hungrywhispers-script1.2a" = Hungry Whispers Script Day 1, Version 2 with a slight change. This is the latest update for day 1 version 2.

Hope this helps everyone better understand the pacing and some of the mood notes I've implemented into parts of the script.  An example would be the audio direction column for specific points of the dialogue.

Please download and again decide whether you like version 1 or 2 better...cheers! (The files are in pdf btw)


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