Friday, 29 July 2011

Day2 Script is complete!

HungyWhispers-script2.2 via mediafire!

I hope people are actually enjoying reading my ramblings as a script writer because it's actually really hard -_-;; Anyway, I hope this shows a little more about Yu's personality.  I tried to make it semi-realistic in how a guy like Yu would react in a situation like this.  Puzzle bits will need to be discussed with Mike as I haven't heard from him in a while and I know I'm emulating DS inspired interfaces because that's where most of the VN games are (PW and Hotel Dusk XD).  The only bits that I'll most likely change is Yu's ending blogologue - if anyone wants to help chip in for that please go ahead.  I visualise Yu's blogologues in a cinematic way so if anyone wants to help me storyboard it's a-ok with me.

Day2's script is again in a pdf format and a whopping 18 pages! :O

Now I'm going to crack on with the opening intro :3

ps almost forgot, please let me know of any grammatical mistakes - writing goes out the window especially when writing 1-7am!!! Any script/wording ideas or weird sentences that don't make sense please let me know.


  1. I think I've said everything I have to say about day 2. I think everything works really well and it sets up the scene for the rest of the game really well. Given that I know whats coming and whats going to happen I think some of the conversations set it up for whats about to take place in the story. Like with the old man going crazy, that also explains to people that rant familiar with the festival what its about. I like the other characters there too, especially the old man. I reckon I would be cool to write loads more creepy dialog for him so that you get something new every time you click on him. I'm not sure what that could be, but maybe that's something that could be added time granted.

    Found only one error
    Page 4 final line should probably be 'Not at all m'am'

    Oh and 'Gary Potter' LOL I don't know why I found that so funny.

  2. Winrar. The error has been corrected and I shall upload a new version soon.

    I'll also add some more creepy one liners if I think up of anymore good ones but I think I'll leave the script for day 2 for now as you suggested. Main concern is to finally start piecing the project together me thinks.

    Glad you liked the Potter reference XDDD

  3. Yeh, I think we should start working together to take over the world and also start implementing everything. One thing I think we need to discuss is the interface, what I will do tomorrow as I will look at a couple of other games like this and post up how they do it and see which you think works best and what elements we can use from each. What I then might start doing is setting up everything for day 1 using temp graphics (read: stick men)while the proper graphics are being done.

  4. Cool. We did discuss this at some point but it'll be good to review it again. I'll try and some prototypes too but urgh so much to do lol. I could either start animating the first blogologue or start programming. Both needs to be done but urrghh! XD Both also takes ages XD


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