Friday, 8 July 2011

Garden of Sinners artwork

Just to get the ball rolling I really like the atmosphere in the Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai) movies.  I hope to emulate that atmospheric feeling in the artwork and hopefully overall gameplay.  Once I get back to Bath I'll upload more screenshots from the movie instead of trying to trawl through the internet on finding decent pictures.


  1. ooh pretty artwork, i espesh like the colours of the second but the characters expression on the first..

    i checked out the trailer as well.... and something kinda just occured to me, it seems a lot of the time with horror games/films they start it just before it gets dark (like at sunset) so you get some sense of normality before it throws in the creepy stuff... (dark equals when monsters come out i guess)
    makes me want to put a pic spam up.. will wait til i find anything decent though XD

  2. That's a brilliant observation! Yeeh...I love the whole Dawn/Dusk transition which is quite eerie in itself given the right context.

    Yes yes yes pic spam away. It'll help define the design theme at least :)


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