Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sketch & Storyboard dump

Beware, mini sketch and storyboard dump o_o;

Some more Yu sketches, haven't quite decided whether he should have a light colour jacket or a darker colour one.  Will do a colour test once I start animating the storyboards.  On the other hand, I enjoyed drawing Yu and Kemi together, that was fun lol. OH and I've decided 

Minus the random Kenny drawing, some storyboarding ideas.  The opening blogologue begins with Yu looking out the train window.  Although his face is still obscured from the players view ... planning on having small animation touches such as those moving hazy reflections you get when you ride a train.

I drew this a bit big, but the next scene shows Yu typing on his laptop and the sunset rays hitting the keys over the desk.  I visualised it to have a big bright/dark contrast with small animations like the on button/screen glowing.

The next scene transitions to one of those minimal art flash backs cos I'm lazy - though I'll change the teddy bear to be on it's side lying in a puddle of questionable red liquid.  Will also overlay some hospital sound fx like the chest pedals, life line signals and some other stuff.  The life line signal die over time.  Cheesy I know.

The scene transitions to the distraught mother being surrounded by Yu's team, again with the creepy minimal type flashback.  I planned to make them appear like weird hazy shadows surrounding the mother.

LOOK MA! I CAN DRAW HANDS  The scene ends with the mother turning slowly to Yu once he tries to apologise.  I had the idea that she would be at the window with sun setting again (wth is up with me and sunsets lol) so it can look really red and bloody.  Also the mother will be like a silhouette, making her eye more prominent through her dishevelled hair until it suddenly cuts as the laptop batteries die.

Also I can't seem to stop drawing Yu's hair longer than intended, please forgive me D:


  1. I think Yu is coming along really well in the first drawings you've done. The cloths you got him wearing is pretty much the same sort of thing I was thinking for his clothes. I think he should be wearing quite dull characters just to emphasize his inner problems at the moment, but I dont think you'll know for sure which will work best till you actually do some tests. Maybe his bright clothes would work in contrast to his situation and make him stand out more? I pretty much get the storyboards for the opening scene when seen along with the descriptions. One thing though, in the scene with the mother on the floor crying I think at least one of the hazzy shadows should be kneeling down to her level as if to comfort her or as if they are telling her the news. Otherwise it looks like they are almost being threatening. Other then that everything's looking fine. Seeing you're skecths for Yu I think I shall start doing some more drawings of his clothing and of the other characters. For some reason I really wanna draw the bartender XD

  2. Please do so and help refine any of the other characters!

    Yeh you're right, I'll do some colour tests soon to see what works and what doesn't i guess.

    Ah yeh you're right, one kneeling shadow thingy coming right up.

    Draw the bartender with a top hat, monocle and a ridiculous moustache.

  3. oh gawd the way you draw the kid <3<3<3 i love it!!

    and the pic of yu and kemi as well, ive downloaded it and am using it as my main source of reference for the two of them haha ^^ its a really great pic..


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