Saturday, 16 July 2011

Yu character mood board

Taking a break from screaming and crying at my computer (actually that's unfair, its flash to blame, not my computer). I've decided to do something else that's still rather constructive in some way or another. After talking to Jade last night she gave me the go ahead to post a mood board of images for the character Yu., I thought of doctors in fiction that I know. Note these aren't exactly what I think he looks like just they can be inspiration. So here they are!

I'll probably add more later, these are just to get the ball rolling. I've had some difficulty thinking of references and inspiration for the character. But I think these are probably on the right track.

*Dr.Wily's a joke by the way.


  1. This is a brilliant idea! Also guys, please don't feel like you need to ask permission to post things up. Just think of this like a forum! I'll post up more pictures too as the characters so far are very 'serious' cept for Dr Wily of course hahah. He looks mental.

  2. The images don't seem to be working for me :/

  3. How come? I can see them fine :/

  4. why is the house dude holding a heart... so creepy XD never seen that show..
    but i get the gist of the images, they help :)

  5. House is awesome, you have to see a few episodes to get a good idea of the House character XD. Think of him like a satirical diagnostic doctor version of Sherlock Holmes. He doesn't care about the victims just the solving of a difficult case. XD

  6. thats awesome!! he seems like a cool guy actually :3 probably the opposite of yu though i guess since yu actually cares about his sister XD


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