Friday, 15 July 2011

Progress Report #1

Hey Team Wasabi!

I am so very pleased to announce that I feel that we've all come a long way in terms of this game project :D. So far the main concept/context has been pretty much agreed on as well as the artwork style. I'll just make a few summaries here and there in terms of the different areas of this projects development. Points made with a "(?)" are some ideas that I have.

Game specs/style:
- Adobe Flash AS3
- 3rd person
- Phoenix Wright inspired gameplay.
- (?) Hotel Dusk 'squiggle' animation combined with PW frame by frame animation.
- (?) Cutscenes are Broken Saints/The World Ends With You style
- Point and click/Visual novel
- Horror/puzzle game based on the Hungry Ghost Festival.
- Set in modern times.
- (?) DS inspired interaction (Remember in Michelle/Emma's grad show there was a Flash program where if you blew into the mic, the leaves blew off the tree? Maybe we could also incorporate that in specific places. We'd obviously have to do a version where no mic is available for the player).


JDWasabi: I shall be coming up with a script soon and when it's done I'll have to discuss it with everyone.  That way we'll know which parts are cutscenes and which are game dialogue which'll then cut out the amount of programming needed.

Mike: Sorry, you seem to be the designated code monkey however! You're highly crucial to the team as I'd like you to research some game engines like Ren'Py and fiddle about with it. At the moment I think looking up technical aspects for the game such as: save/load modes, volume control, mute on/off function for audio in AS3 will be a good start.  Don't feel like you're the only one stuck on this job, I'll help you as much as you can while doing the writing and if anyone else wants to help out by all means do so! Thanks again man!

Michelle/Emma/Rumzi: Thank you so much for your awesome contributions so far, I don't think I would be at this stage without everyone ^-^.  

     Now that the context/concept has been mostly settled I'd like you guys to maybe start browsing some more artwork and perhaps do some random concept art. Remember you don't have to feel obliged to do this at all because I know you're all busy with your own stuff <3.  If you're ever bored and/or have a sudden awesome idea for concept art/background/character designs or anything creative in which you'd like to contribute you're very free to do so.  As with Mike, I shall be doing as much as I can on top of the writing/storyboarding and once that's out of the way I shall dedicate all my time in helping both you guys and Mike in the programming department.

Once again thank you so much, <3 you all!


ps Not bad for 8 days worth of brainstorming!! :p

Rough schedule so far:

- Initial ideas (done WHEEEEE)
- Script
- Engine prototype/artwork/animation/ testing
- audio making/implementation / testing
- final product/ testing

Aimed finish date: SEPTEMBER-ISH!


    thats awesome jade!!

    hmm.. as for the character designing and thing.. what age to you imagine these characters to be? in fact can you see anything about them at all? and like their race and stuff..

    i look forward to helping the design process ^^
    ahah thats a cute baby XD

  2. So far I actually do!

    MC: Male, late 20's - early 30's, Chinese (don't think it'll make too much sense if they're not and travelling from a family reunion lol), medical intern/male nurse who has recently suffered a nervous breakdown and is taking a 'break' as suggested by his team leader/boss.

    Sibling: Female, early 20's - mid 20's for arguments sake, Chinese, reporter in training/journalist. Something that requires her to go back home early for a job. Her real aim is to be a the next Harry Potter writer (or something similar) and is using this as a stepping stone. She doesn't really like her job but she doesn't whine about it. MC helps her out when she gets confidence issues.

    The siblings have a very good relationship with each other and the sister has suggested that the MC should keep a blog/journal to aid the nervous breakdown issues. No MC is not emo, there's a reason for it XD

    I will post up a proper chara bio in the next post soon as well as the first script ideas ^-^.


  3. sounds goooooood i will dwell on this information..


  4. One thing to consider is some form of a game design document. At least an asset list, which is a list of every single thing that needs to be made(all art, animation, code etc). This way you know exactly how much work there is to be done and you can immediatly tell who is best for each asset.

    I guess the script will basically be a part of this but also having a level walkthrough where you basically write everything that the player can do and what happens when they interact, e.g when you walk into this room the player will see (describe scene/sketch) interactive objects are (list objects) and what happens when you use them (what other things react or change).

    A flow chart showing which scene goes to were is useful as well. Only use these if you think it helps though because I know that we each have our own way of doing things lol

  5. Ah ok cheers for the tip! I wrote a similar thing for the script in TKON last year to include all the random dialogue for the different assets and an alternative dialogue for after you click it the 2nd time round.

    Sounds good so far, will definitely write a game design document / asset list once the script is finalised I guess?

  6. Sounds like a plan Batman, I'll get right onto the case of programming stuff while I pry my hands from l4d2, and use that as candy for when I solve a problem.

    I was going to mention the flow chart you did for your last project. That will come in real handy fr this too I imagine.


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