Friday, 8 July 2011

Fragile Dreams : Farewell Ruins of the Moon

This game has amazing atmosphere.. It's a survival horror (you wouldnt guess it from the trailer haha) but the premise is you're the last human left alive and you go on a journey to see what happened to everyone else and find out if there are any other survivors. It's for the Nintendo Wii.


And a little bit of the gameplay;

But like I said... great atmosphere, almost as scary as Silent Hill except its more KAWAIIDESUUUUU~!


  1. Fragile dreams does look pretty awesome, I've really wanted to get that game. That atmosphere i get from it from the trailers I think would be perfect for a point and click. That lonely, deserted feeling like theres no one else left. Kinda like in silent hill when theres no one else around and its kind of a relief when you finally meet someone else

  2. LOL the dogs....that just reminds me of Mike playing SH for the first time..;D

    Trailer: awesome! I love the whole silhouette against the colour background. Maybe that could be an artistic theme/characteristic?

    I keep thinking those hands are like fan girl hands. They just wanna touch you!! XD

    There is a lot of running around; I'm not sure how everyone feels about it but I personally get very bored easily. But let's play around with it. I find it more scary when you're with other people and creepy things start happening and they don't notice it. It kind of proves that to you (and the player) that you're truly alone and that the other characters definitely can't help you or they're in it together.

    Aaah I love atmosphere and the arty-ness of it! Sound design wise I can't really say but it's okay so far for that kind of game lol. Cheers Michelle!

  3. omg comments D:

    ah you should defo get the game if you can mike, i think it would be right up your street ^^

    and jade yeah XD im trying to find a video with more of those silhouette cutscenes in them but will get back to you.. i wasnt much thinking of this game for the gameplay more the kind of lonely feel and arty-ness as you say XD glad there was some interest :O

  4. Hmm I might get this game, just because it seems quite different. The sense of isolation works well.

  5. ohh yes you should get it 8Db or ill lend it to you guys and you can try it, i wont be playing it again in the near future methinks

  6. Aah now I wish I had a wii!

    Although I can't stop lol-ing about that silhouette puzzle in SH Shattered Memories. Reminds me of Slender Man having immense difficulty is trying to pick up the damn sculpture hahaha XD

  7. Maybe you just scrub the entire idea and make Slender Man: The Game, in which slender man must complete every day tasks such as picking up a pen and writing his shoping list and picking up his keys. I feel kinda sorry for him now.

  8. Not only that, Slender Man suffers from severe paranoia in which he sees the Hungry Hippos staring at him through mirrors and windows which causes Slender Man's further hinderance!

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHA now that would be epic!
    it would be awesome if we had a reference to slender man somewhere in the game.. like maybe he has his own tv show on in the background when the MC gets home or something XD
    slenderrrr man..... slender mann... he has no face hes the slender mann

  10. It could be called Slender TV!

  11. I was actually thinking that this would be part of the routine, either having the tv/radio on in the bg but I really like having the Slender Man tv kids show on every 'morning' or something XDD. Ok it's official. THere will be SLENDER MAN TV!



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