Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dark Ambient Music

I tried listening to these in the dark and found it hard to do... Pleasant dreams!

Nordvargr - Hascimh Reborn

Immundus - The Descent

Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk - orgasmo nero


  1. Holy flip, I love Nordvargr - Hascimh Reborn. I've listened to it on headphones and it's giving me loads of ideas for all the details needed for the audio.

    This reminds me that I'll need to download some samples of Tibetan Buddhist monks chanting or something as this is really good stuff! Not only that, we need to write a "This game is best played in the dark and with headphones in order to receive the full experience. Please make sure that the headphone volume has been adjusted to a suitable volume before playing. Enjoy..." :B

    I may also post up some songs from my library to help with the general mood board.

    Cheers for this Rumzi!

  2. ps I have added the lable 'music' for your post!

    proper freaky, sounds like its really helped jade as well XD
    the descent one is nice as well.. despite it taking place in an underground cave i really like the being 10-15 seconds of it being used at night as it really makes for a good sense of isolation..


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