Sunday, 24 July 2011

Studio name logo ideas?!

Holy moly it's just occurred to me that we'll need a team logo.  What should we call our 'company'?!

Studio Wasabi? Wasabi Productions? Team Wasabi will still stay stay but urgh XD I want a you have an idea for a logo? I think it'll be awesomely cool! So ... yeh this is also up for grabs.  Feel free to do some designs for that too...might as well make it as epic as we can...:D

While I was brushing my teeth I suddenly thought about the credits and it this project does get a good start/recognition it'll be really nice to already have our own indie game team or something like it.


  1. Yea that is a good idea, not sure what to do for a logo but I found this, it is called wasabi-chan

  2. HAHAHAH's so KAWAII DESU. Lol so cute compared to what we're working on XD Maybe I'll try and start doing some designs for this too.


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