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General Plot so far

EDIT: For Yu's blogologues, think of it like when PW introduces and ends each chapter and case. Also Kemi never turns up on Day5, all your contacts with her is by phone.

Hey gang this is the general plot so far. Once this is written up I'll start writing out the actual script for it. Looking forward to it! As always feel free to chuck in any more ideas to it. Oh yeh, I STILL NEED A TITLE :O!!

Note: [CS] = Cut scene where it'll be animated [GCS] I was thinking of having this as an in-game cut scene (cut scene which is not as fully animated as [CS]).

- [CS] Yu is on the train writing on his blog (player learns a little about the main character and his situation).
- Laptop dies so Yu decides to explore the train for a drink while he waits for his laptop to charge up again.
- [GCS]Just as he's about to get his drink, the phone rings. It's his sister Kemi.
- After getting his drink, Yu goes back to his room.

Day2: [Day of the festival]
- [CS] Yu is reading a magazine explaining about Ghost Month and gets interrupted.
- Some sort of (semi) creepy commotion happens on the train which requires Yu's medical attention. He hesitates a little at first but gets over it. Everyone half jokes about the accident because of the month but really everyone is slightly un-easy about it.  My idea was to have it involving a kid or a beautiful woman or maybe both...haven't really thought about it yet.
- [GCS] Just as you are about to go back to your room, Kemi phones again but this time in a very urgent matter.  Yu gets disconnected before he is able to uncover any information and tries to call her back until his phone dies.
- [CS] Montage of Yu's blog/monologue (blogologue?) about how uneasy he was about the whole situation and plans to go back to his place to drop off his luggage, grab spare phone batteries and leg it to Kemi's place. Also a montage of him legging it into his house. (On the day of the festival, streets are deserted by this time and there will be hardly any travelling).
- Yu drops off his stuff and notices that he has a voice message on Kemi so he listens to it.  Kemi says that she is fine and that she apologies for worrying and scaring Yu.
- Slightly unsatisfied, Yu calls Kemi again to confirm (after finding batteries next to the phone) but again couldn't get through. Weighing up the situation, Yu decides to leave Kemi alone for the day and will drop by her place the coming morning to double check.
- [GCS] He sends a quick prayer to his little altar for the festival in the meantime.

- Routine moment for Yu, starting off at his house.  Players learn how to use the MAP function on Yu's phone to teleport to Kemi's house. Players also get the opportunity to explore Yu's humble abode.
- After ringing the door bell several times and getting annoyed that Kemi seemed to have dropped off the communicative radar, Yu's phone rings. It's Kemi!
- [GCS] Kemi again apologies and assures her brother that she is fine. She offers to meet up with him the day after tomorrow and treat him to dinner at his place. Yu agrees and goes home.
- Players can explore the house again before deciding to go to bed.

Day4: [Murder incident occurs but very fragmented]
- Players can explore Yu's house to pass the time and decide what he should cook for lunch/dinner.

- Players can explore Yu's house to pass the time and decide what elaborate meal to cook for Kemi.
- Hours go by and Yu's on edge again with phoning Kemi but also weighing up the situation with plausible reasoning.
- Door bell rings. Yu answers it in hopes that it is finally Kemi.
- [GCS] Turns out it's the police who questions Yu about Kemi's whereabouts and her boss. Players can possibly choose how to answer the police but it'll be the same result.  Yu finds that Kemi has been missing for the pass three days and is taken to the precinct for further questioning.
- [CS] Cue Yu's Blogologue of how it's impossible for Kemi to be missing since three days ago as he spoke to her on the phone two days ago.


Thus begins the players investigation...


  1. LOL BUT WHO WAS PHONE? Joking aside I think thats a great way to start off the mystery as it were and the bizarre supernatural elements to come in.

    A couple of things though. We learn about the main character through his blog on the train. I wonder if this is the best way to introduce him? See I think we'll get a lot of the same information about him, his situation and his personality from the medical emergency that occurs in day two. Maybe that can be shifted to day one? And/or maybe this initial information is bought out by a conversation with someone else on the train. Maybe this could be with the kid/woman he helps that he then reveals it to, maybe the 'drink' you referred to is an alcoholic drink and it loosen his tongue a little and talking helps it get it off his chests while at the same time explain it to us the audience.

    Though maybe this is simply a misunderstanding on my part of what exactly you are doing with the blogologue. See reading the end of the day 5 I think I suddenly get what you mean by using the blog. Its kinda like Kyle Hyde's diary entries at the end of each chapter in hotel duck were he goes over everything thats just happened to help clarify the audience. It acts as book ends at the end of each chapter to just quickly go over everything thats happened so far, in which case I think thats quite a good idea.

    On day 5 I think it might be better if the police come to question him about his sister, but that at this point she still hasn't turned up yet. I'm not sure if thats what you already meant as what you've written sounds like they've already found her. I just think it might be good for them to say shes been missing and to contact them if she turns up, and then after the police leave Yu's phone to go off and sees the caller id is Kemi's. This could leave to an odd and disturbing conversation.

    Other then that I really like everything that happens so far. I think maybe for things like the accident that occurs on the train this requires some kind of puzzle solving, kinda like trauma centre. Or like in hotel dusk. So maybe when you go to Kemi's house Yu says something like 'Kemi leaves a spare key around here somewhere' and then you can click n different areas around the front of the house to try and find the key. I know this is the kind of thing you'll figure out once you got the story down but I just thought I'd throw my two cents in now for potential puzzles. Anyway I really like how to story is shaping up so, its gonna be good!

  2. Ah damn, should've made it more clearer, will update it in a moment.

    Yeh most games like these have the MC doing a monologue between each chapters as with any thriller games. Think Hotel Dusk/Max Payne/Broken Sword. At that point in time he's the type to buy the drink and contemplate in his room.

    Ok yeh, you've got it in your 2nd paragraph lol.

    Again, I should've made it clearer that she never turned up. Yeh they're questioning him about the whereabouts of Kemi (I swear I wrote that? no? will edit the original post later lol). Also the police knows about Kemi's murdered boss at that point, Yu doesn't. He (we) think that he's just trying to find Kemi but the police semi suspects him as he was Kemi's last point of contact.

    I do like that idea of Kemi to phone Yu again after he gets back from the police. Tbh I've yet to plot out what happens after day5 XD.

    Agree with the incident on the train and finding Kemi's housekeys. I had a similar idea for it. Yes, please write more potential puzzles XD


  3. this plot sounds good to me... im just thinking about all the backgrounds and going 'aarghhh!' hahahahaha :D
    but i like it, espesh that kemi is 'missing' but she still talks to you... srsly who was fone

    ??? that is something i am eager to find out.
    im not the best person to ask about plot but i do like the ideas going around so far and think that after day 5 and the 'normality' has been set things can get creepier and need less explanations.. maybe the revelation that his sister is missing is all he needs to send him over the edge onto another 'nervous breakdown'.. anyway me likey and i also like the names ^^

  4. I actually haven't decided who was phone yet but I'll get to it soon XD

    Ooh that's also another good idea with him having another breakdown or is maybe close to getting one again at various points? Not only that, it could mess his view in how he sees the world which we can add some more creepy stuff to it. Then it becomes ambiguous as to whether he sees creepy stuff due to him freaking out or it to be a supernatural element? Thing is, I don't want him freaking out too much as it might make it hard for players to connect with Yu as a character. Hmm...I shall ponder on this idea!

    Cheers Michelle! :D


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