Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Moar Inspiration

Following up on Mike's post I'll add to the design/feel.

Some ideas in how we could animate the cut scenes from Broken Saints and May Payne.

Game cutscenes:
By this I mean that we can add a few small touches just to make long bits of texts a bit more interesting (Lux Pain, PW and TWEWY).

Obviously we can also do a quick animated background too (and sound effect from me lol).

And finally some concept art from Lux Pain.  If only it weren't for the shoddy translation, I think the game would be right up my street!

More pics can be found here.

Ooh since I'm listening to UNKLE at the moment, I'll add an album cover cos it's actually quite...atmospheric in its own right.

And to end this post, I'll finish with....

and I just found that they're making a PW game for the iphone!



  1. PW game for the iPhone?? HELL YEAH
    are we able to play as phoenix this time??? :D

    and great ideas i think we're on the right track in terms of animation style as its not too ambitious or complicated but is enough to keep interest..

  2. Double win. I think having the 'cut scenes' in a comic book style like Broken Saints/Max Payne will work a treat- even though they're cut scenes they technically only have the bare minimum amount of animation.

    Also do you happen to watch an artist on dA called Yuumei? Her Knite flash comics were similar to what I have in mind. I'll do a post on it soon.

  3. OMG YES I WATCH YUUMEI SHE IS AMAZINNGGGG i shouldve thought of that :O i really like her '1000 words' piece in particular but thats a great idea for inspiration jade, definately make a blog post for it!! :D


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