Monday, 18 July 2011

Hungry Ghost Festival - Pics

Moar pics that I've found on dA and a really handy interactive Flash thing.

I just like the atmosphere in this one.


  1. the bottom one really reminds me of the slender man images... when you look at it for ages and notice new things... i actually didnt realise there were little crosses at the bottom until just a moment ago haha XD

  2. Thats really great the flash about the event. I was particularly fascinated about the history of the event and how it came into being. I imagine the game could be quite atmospheric with scenes with lots of candels everywhere and ghosts with long necks.

  3. I imagine that the 'creepy' bits will be more like that, if you look at it closely it's actually creepy but if you have a quick glance at it, it doesn't really stand out.

    Yes the detail of the story changes from different areas but it's roughly the same especially with the needle long necks. Not only that, the atmosphere will be really 'misty' due to the amount of stuff being burnt + the amount of incense. SH environments anyone?

  4. lol yeh thats what I was imagining. Really misty atmosphere.


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